Success Stories

Over the past three years, Momentum Personal Training has had over 30 students sign for college scholarships, and 96 percent of all students have been successful in making their middle or high school teams. The remaining 4 percent are students who have decided they do not have interest in playing a sport and just want to lose weight and get into shape.

Student Testimonial

I was introduced to Laniel Crawford and Momentum Personal Training the middle of my 7th grade year. I had just been released from my pediatrician to play sports a year prior and was a very eager soccer player. Although my parents really couldn’t afford to put me in the gym, they knew how important it was to me that I was up to speed with the other players on my team, so they paid for my sister as well as me for as long as they could. Laniel saw the potential in me, and he also saw my parents struggling to make ends meet due to my mom’s medical condition, and he offered to help sponsor us.

Time passes, and my soccer passion moved to field hockey, which happened to be a sport I knew nothing about but was intrigued, and the coach from my local high school wanted me on her team basically for speed. Once I made the team Laniel told me that if I wanted, he would be sure that I got a scholarship if I stuck with Momentum and kept my grades up. Of course I didn’t know what to think. All I could do was listen.

For four years, freshman through senior year, we worked hard on strength training and skill. Laniel never gave up on me and my family. I played on travel teams, met Olympic field hockey players, etc. Words cannot begin to describe how thankful my family is for Laniel Crawford and Momentum Personal Training. One of my happiest moments was when I received the 2014 Show Stopper award at my high school for fall sports, but the absolute happiest was Athletic Signing Day.

Laniel was right! I was able to receive athletic/academic scholarships to play field hockey at Newberry College, a private institution in South Carolina. I can honestly say that Laniel Crawford and Momentum Personal Training changed my life for the better, and I can only hope that other kids like my younger sister will be able to benefit from his generosity in the future.