Laniel Crawford

lanielHow has Momentum been able to make such a difference in the lives of youth?

It is because of the trainer and owner: Laniel Crawford.

Laniel grew up with loving parents, but their situation was the typical poverty-stricken home life. Laniel’s parents both worked long hours, which left latchkey kids. When Laniel was in middle school, a coach took interest in him, and this amazing gentleman worked with Laniel not only on his athletics, but also made sure he was cared for in the classroom. As a result of the kindness, dedication and inspiration of this coach, Laniel ended up attending Duke University on a full scholarship for track and football. He earned his BA and played in the professional football league but was injured early in his career. With his athletic career ending before it started, Laniel parlayed the education he received because of his athletic prowess into a successful career in the corporate world, a role that lasted for 32 years until Laniel decided it was time to give back to other youth what was given to him. He opened Momentum Personal Training and immediately sought the opportunity to offer his services free to as many youth as he could afford to without risking his burgeoning business.

Laniel has a gift and a background that no other trainer can offer. He has lived the lives many of our clients are living. He has the experience and knowledge to guide them in the right direction and make their lives successful and not another statistic. He is real and works from experience, not from what is learned in a text book. This experience makes Momentum a family and not just another gym providing personal training. Laniel has assisted more than 30 students in obtaining athletic scholarships and has touched the lives of many more.